Two friends of mine are going to New Zealand a little later than us and since I’ve been there before, they asked me for things to do and places to visit. I checked my notes and did some research to make sure the things I remember still exist and here they are, my personal favorites: […]

“That’s the stuff” I sigh and take another sip out of the big porcelain coffee mug. My friend and new roommate who doesn’t know me very well yet, shakes her head. “Really? This is why you chased me all over town? I thought we were going to get to know our new home!” “But the […]

My boyfriend is a photographer. A very good one in my opinion. And he is my favorite travel companion. Together we’ve been driving on winding roads in northern Italy, we visited beautiful California, we went on several camping trips and travelled through Malaysia. Our next trip will be to New Zealand and by now I […]

My feet hurt. My knees hurt. Drops of ice cold water run down my back and build a puddle just above my bum. My shoes make funny noises while I walk up yet another muddy hill. My friends are there with me, or at least they have been a couple of minutes ago. I can’t […]

“Are you sure that’s where you want to go? Again?” Friends have been asking me, a bewildererd expression on their faces. ” There are so many more places and countrys to see!” I know they are right and I want to see all those other places. But New Zealand for me is not just a […]