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Christmas Wish


The perfect Hawke’s Bay day

Hawke’s Bay is the one New Zealand region I know best, because I spend almost a year here after I finished school. It’s not very touristy, but it’s definitely a beautiful place to live. My perfect day in this lovely region starts at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers Market, ( every Sunday from 8:30-12) where I […]

Little things I love about New Zealand

Everyone knows that New Zealand is beautiful and that the people are nice. But there is a number of little things that make your days over here extra special: That there is a public toilet literally everywhere you go. Even in the remotest of villages there it is: the blue sign that shows you the […]

Dear German traveler

You are the one who is doing everything right: you wear the clothes, you speak the language (at least a little), you know where to find the cheapest places to eat, drink and shop, you read your guidebook cover to cover ( not just any guidebook of course, but the one for “independent travelers” that […]

Up in the air

The Journey to New Zealand is a long one. In fact it’s the longest journey possible from Germany. And even though I’m excited and happy and very much looking forward to our holiday, it’s hard to keep in a positive mood for 29 hours when you are cramped in what feels like a huge tin […]

Why I love to go on camping trips but sometimes don’t understand why

Do you get why people spend their holiday in a tent? Sleeping on the ground, in a sleeping bag that is trying to strangle you as soon as you move? With a folded sweater instead of a pillow because a real pillow was to much to carry? Freezingly cold at night and unbearably hot during […]

A Dublin Story

Dublin an I have a special relationship. Whenever I’m there I feel different than usual, calm, free, happy. I don’t know why exactly, I just know that the two of us have something going for each other. Or why does the sun always shine when I’m there? It’s IRELAND for gods sake! the Spire reflects […]