The perfect Hawke’s Bay day

Hawke’s Bay is the one New Zealand region I know best, because I spend almost a year here after I finished school. It’s not very touristy, but it’s definitely a beautiful place to live.
My perfect day in this lovely region starts at the Hawke’s Bay Farmers Market, ( every Sunday from 8:30-12) where I enjoy great coffee, local produce, the latest gossip and usually some good music.
I then drive out to the beach to either Waimarama or Ocean Beach to soak up the sun, go for a walk and dip my toes into the always chilly Pacific. Afterwards I treat myself to some real fruit ice cream at the Strawberry Patch and spend the afternoon shopping and coffee-sipping in picturesque Napier. When the early evening sunlight dips the emerald hills in a golden shimmer I return to the country and drive or walk all the way up to Te Mata Peak for a spectacular view of the bay.

The day will end with a barbecue on my cousins porch, where eager dogs fight for my attention, horses curiously observe our every movement, birds make peaceful evening sounds and my heart is finally home.



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