Little things I love about New Zealand

Everyone knows that New Zealand is beautiful and that the people are nice. But there is a number of little things that make your days over here extra special:

That there is a public toilet literally everywhere you go.
Even in the remotest of villages there it is: the blue sign that shows you the way to the next public toilet. And it’s clean too!

That the coffee is so good!
Seriously! Altogether I spent almost a year of my life here and I haven’t had a single bad cup of coffee!

That there are public barbecue places for everyone to use
Bring a steak, push the button, enjoy!

That beaches are never crowded
The sun is shining, it’s weekend and you are sharing the beach with only 3 other people. Thats how many beaches there are.

That nearly every little cafe has it’s own art gallery
Sometimes “art” means knitted sweaters and children’s paintings but there is always something to look at.

That people seem to be very passionate about cheese
Go to a farmers market, approach the cheese person, listen!

That there is a friendly bird at your side everywhere you go
Wether it’s the cheeky Kea, a chatty duck or a proud rooster. I’m usually not a bird person but those guys are really cute.


That driving is an adventure here
The roads are winding and narrow, the scenery changes every minute, driving in New Zealand is never boring!



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