Up in the air

The Journey to New Zealand is a long one. In fact it’s the longest journey possible from Germany. And even though I’m excited and happy and very much looking forward to our holiday, it’s hard to keep in a positive mood for 29 hours when you are cramped in what feels like a huge tin can with far too many fellow travelers and zero legroom.
The things that keep you busy on a long distant flight are:
– the food
– the movies
– and the occasional walk to the bathroom and back

That’s about it.

Nothing interesting happens on a flight like that, other than the noodles you can have for breakfast or the one and only cocktail on the menu. Oh and on the second flight: ice cream! Can you imagine?

And after the first 10 hours you start to wonder. Is this really worth it?
Thank god I know the answer to that 😊! Gotta go, we’re finally descending. Did I complain? Naaaa, come on!



  1. You’re going to LOVE it 🙂 Where are you going to travel around?

    1. I love it already, it’s my third time and I keep coming back. We hired a campervan and are planning on traveling both islands.

  2. Enjoy your trip guys! It sure is all worth it 🙂 See you in December !!!

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