The importance of good coffee

2013-12-31 18.22.36
“That’s the stuff” I sigh and take another sip out of the big porcelain coffee mug. My friend and new roommate who doesn’t know me very well yet, shakes her head. “Really? This is why you chased me all over town? I thought we were going to get to know our new home!” “But the fact that there is a good coffee place in walking distance from our appartement is really important information!” I replied, smiling fondly at the mug. “You’re weird” she shrugs and sips her hot chocolate.
This happened when I had just moved to Aalborg, a small town in northern Denmark, which, as I later found out, is full of excellent coffee. This first one was still the best and I kept coming back there regularly.

By now it has become my routine to start looking for a decent coffee place as soon as I get off the plane, bus, train or out of the car.

Some places have proven to be disappointing in that field, like Prague for example, where I ran around town, sporting a massive headache and searching for a place that didn’t serve the dark stuff with the smoky aftertaste.
Other country’s like Malaysia, where “real” coffee costs as much as a three course meal, let you find actual joy in having instant coffee and sweet condensed milk with your Dim Sum every morning – just don’t call it coffee and you’re alright!

My favorite coffee-country is Italy: imagine sitting on a piazza in the early morning, watching all the regulars get their espresso, down it in one and move on to the market nearby. You just sit there, sip your cappuccino and enjoy the scenery and when you go in and order another cup, the lady already remembers what you ordered the first time and prepares the cappuccino as soon as you walk in. “Grazie” you say, smile at her and seriously start daydreaming about relocating to Italy. Owning a winery in Tuscany seems like the perfect idea today. Your boyfriend comes back from photographing the market stalls and you let him know that he can start packing as soon as you get home. He smiles, orders an espresso and one of those perfect little cantuccinis, “seems like a good idea”.

Where do you get your favorite coffee?



  1. My first encounter with coffee nerds was the Coffee Lab in Sao Paulo – never had anything like it before (or after). Its always good to be at a place where ppl are serious about what they do, unbeatable if it’s about coffee.

  2. Favorite: Behag din smag in Aalborg. Where did yu get that great coffee in Aalborg? πŸ™‚
    Favorite from another country: Greek frappe! Just love it!

    1. I got my favorite coffee at the Baresso in Aalborg. But loved the coffee at Penny Lane and Ib Rene Cairo as well πŸ™‚

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