10 useful tips for traveling with a photographer

SONY DSCMy boyfriend is a photographer. A very good one in my opinion. And he is my favorite travel companion. Together we’ve been driving on winding roads in northern Italy, we visited beautiful California, we went on several camping trips and travelled through Malaysia. Our next trip will be to New Zealand and by now I know a thing or two about traveling with him. To keep us both in a good mood, there are some things I never forget. And if your beloved person is one of the gifted few, you might want to remember too:

1. Stay hydrated (and keep him hydrated too)
You might end up spending hours in a desert somewhere and he’ll forget about every basic human need for sure. So wherever you go, take enough water with you!

2. Never leave home unprepared
However you prefer to spend you time: reading, writing, painting – take some gear with you, you’ll definitely get time to practice your hobby while traveling. I spent many a blissful hour reading or writing next to a scenic lake or in a picturesque little town.

3. Don’t expect sunsets to be romantic
When the sun goes down you have to say goodbye to your sweetheart. He simply will not be able to miss out on the perfect light that presents itself during that time. Go with him if you like, enjoy the view, he’ll be there with you when it gets dark.

4. If you spot a public toilet – use it!
Light and scenery are unpredictable when you’re out there traveling. You never know where you’ll end up spending most of your day!

5. Never leave home without your drivers license
We usually go places by car, which means someone has to drive. A lot! I love driving, and as soon a I realized, that him driving meant, him staring out the side window and not concentrating on the road, I happily took over that job and let him take pictures of weather-beaten trees or power lines along the road.

6. If you’re driving, prepare to stop abruptly
It’ll not take long to figure out what his favorite photographic subject is. Prepare to stop, whenever it appears along the road.

7. Keep in mind that “hiking” simply means going for a leisurely walk
I love hiking! I love how it exhausts me, how it makes me feel alive. Well, if your darling wants to go for a hike, apply advice No. 2, because you’ll be going for a walk, and you’ll stop many times.

8. Don’t forget to remind him that you want to be in some of the pictures too
The pictures taken by my dearest boyfriend usually fit into some kind of art project by his. I’d also love to have some pictures of me or of our campsite, of our meal or of him in front of the Grand Canyon to remember our holiday . If yours is the same, just remind him to take some documentary pictures.

9. Tell him when you’re hungry, are tired, want to check in the B&B in time, etc.
As I said, he will forget time and he will forget about all basic needs – you better remind him!

10. Be proud of the result – you helped him get there!
He’s got the talent, he’s got the eye for it – but you drove him there! 🙂


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